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Modern Data Protection with VEEAM.
Simple. Flexible. Reliable. Powerful.

1CON IT EOOD is Veeam Value-Added Reseller (VVAR). Creator of the best Single Backup and Data Management Platform for Cloud, Virtual and Physical infrastructures. As all Veeam® products are sold through authorized Veeam Value-Added Resellers, you can request a quote from 1CON as a Veeam ProPartner in your region and country to get more information. Choose the workloads you would like to protect — and get flexible licensing options to fit any budget. We are fully trained and ready to help you meet your business objectives.

Break free from legacy backup

Advance from Your Legacy Platform, and Unlock New Potential
By adopting Veeam’s backup and replication platform, you instantly have access to one of the most modern solutions on the market. This enables you to free tied up resources with the vast overhead of legacy data protection and focus them on the core innovation projects you need.

Break Free from Legacy Backup Solutions so You Can Meet Your SLAs While Reducing Cost and Ensuring Data Availability.

Confidence that you are always protected, even as your environment evolves. Extend backup to cloud, across any data and platform.

Intelligent automation discovers new workloads and applications to determine the best process for successful backup and verified recovery.

Free backup data to empower new and existing processes. Instantly restore VM’s in a sandbox environment for faster application development

AWS, Azure, and Google acceleration

Migration of data remains the #1 barrier in cloud adoption. Ease the barriers associated with adopting the cloud by providing portability, protection, and simple licensing of workloads.
Hybrid Cloud Acceleration Powered by Veeam
100% portable data across any system and is always recoverable with no reliance on proprietary hardware or continual licensing.
Simplify Your Cloud Adoption with Seamless Data Management and Mobility Across Public and Private Clouds

Multiple backup systems cost time, and money. Unify to a solution that can manage, protect, and provide seamless data mobility.

Incorrect planning increases costs through wasted resources. Intelligently recommend capacity needs now and the future.

Isolated management systems cause issues to go unnoticed. Ensure health and protection of data at all times, massively reducing effort.

Secure ransomware protection

What is ransomware?
Ransomware is malicious software that infects a computer and restricts access to crucial user data until a ransom is paid to unlock it. Ransomware is designed to spread through your network, exploiting technical and human vulnerabilities and leading to a significant impact on your business. Costs have skyrocketed to nearly two million dollars (US) per incident and have a global economic impact of over 20 billion dollars (US).
Stay safe with Veeam
At Veeam®, we believe secure backup is your last line of defense against ransomware. Our software is secure by design because having a reliable backup can be the difference between downtime, data loss and paying a costly ransom.

  • Comprehensive ransomware remediation
  • Infrastructure flexibility
  • Automated backup verifications
  • Fast, reliable recovery

Kubernetes-native backup

#1 Kubernetes Backup
As cloud-native adoption continues to explode, Kubernetes has become the fastest-growing infrastructure platform, well on track to be the next enterprise platform of choice. While Kubernetes provides High Availability and scalability of application services, these benefits do not extend to your data, making data management of Kubernetes applications a critical priority. Kasten K10 by Veeam® provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery and application mobility.

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